Monday, July 16, 2007

Smokey and me

Here's a picture of me and my oldest dog, Smokey. She's been my shadow for almost sixteen years, but she's having problems in her old age. She has arthritis in her back legs which makes it hard for her to walk, she has cataracts and has lost most of her hearing, but she's a spunky dog and is not ready to give up yet. I work with a homeopathic vet who has really helped her arthritis and she's getting around a little better now.

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Judy Graff said...

I'm a Realtor and pet lover, too. I read about your blog at -- what a great idea! Smokie looks like a big doll. Anyway, I also have a blog: and here's my other info:
Judy Graff
Dilbeck GMAC
818-450-2055 (office)
818-370-4837 (cell)
I specialize in the east SF Valley, including Burbank, Toluca Lake, Studio City, etc.